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特别提示:本站主要以宣传、介绍中华饮食文化、菜谱大全、中医药膳、幼儿食谱、健康常识等。现在网站正于建设筹备阶段,希望大家能浏览本站、并提出宝贵意见! 不胜感激!>>>联系我们




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Cwok Enterprise Inc. (www.cwok.com )

 wok.com is owned  and operated by Cwok Enterprise Inc., a  Seattle-based  consulting firm specializing in the www.cwok.com development of innovative web-based applications/websites for small to medium sized businesses,  with the purpose of promoting  Chinese  cultures through its  cuisine ,daily food /eating cultures,  its traditional  rich cultures and  customs ,  and festivals/holidays  to foreigners/Western World.  The Cwok Enterprise, Inc. was founded  in the year of 2002.  We actually have  not launched our website ( www.cwok.com) and  ( www.cwok.com.cn )  until June  2003  even though  we  registered  our domain name  in 1997/1998 due to  the trend of technology developments and other constraints.  

During that time, but one of our founders who did not have any web pages knowledge at all did launch our affiliated websites, www.asiancyber.com, www.163asia.com  at  the primitive stage  in 1997 and 1998. Finally , he alsowww.cwok.com launched another website  www.seachina.com  with  the big  help of his friends from China. The  website ( www.seachina.com )  was much better in comparison  with those two and look more professional. 

Secondly, we realize the information technology has been changing very rapidly today. The Internet website has been widely used in every industry regardless it is small or largest companies. The restaurants also use website as a popular way to promote their business for the purpose of letting their customers easy to order their food from the restaurants' online menu without going out of their home. The special feature of the cwok.com is the "Chinese Restaurant  Menu online ".

Our domain name is cwok.com ( www.cwok.com ).  May be, some people wonder why we choose this  domain  name. As we know a Chinese  wok , one of most important Chinese  cooking wares when Chinese people do their cooking.  It plays  a key  role in Chinese cooking especially  in Southern Part of China.   All over Asian countries  use "Wok" in their cooking.  And also   the sound of   "  "  in English  as same as  the word " SEE  "

As time goes by,  more Chinese immigrants spread all over the world especially in  U. S. A and Canada.  Since then, many people around the world know more the utmost Chinese cooking ware, " WOK" .  They love our Chinese cooking. They love our Chinese foods. They like to go their flavor Chinese restaurants to eat  their flavor Chinese dishes. 

Gradually, various kinds of Chinese  cooking were introduced in America and Canada, such as: Sichuan Style, Human Style, Beijing Style , Cantonese Style and many other styles.  Therefore, many Chinese  restaurant owners realize it is a golden opportunity to  use " Wok " as their restaurants' names  such as: " Golden Wok Restaurant  ," Chef at Wok"  "The Best Wok "  ,   " Magic Wok " , " Crazy Wok "  and  " China Wok "  etc  as  a  easy way to promote their  business in  many cities.  Because the " Wok " can be quickly identified by westerners as Chinese Cooking/Restaurants. Nowadays , you can see many carry the  " XXX Wok   name  as their restaurants' name.  But  our web site, cwok.com ( www.cwok.com ), was finally up on the world wide web in  2003 serving public.

In addition , there are many about Chinese cooking books published in America and Western countries which also  use " Wok " as a way  to  identified   Chinese cooking book.  (click on  www.amazon.com ).  Amazon.com  is the first online store to sell items in the world.  In the search menu,  choose " book" and type in "  Chinese wok cooking " we will  see many  use  "Wok  " as their books' name  examples. 


Contact us:-

Phillip   C.  Ng
P.O. Box 3363
Seattle, WA 98114

(206) 328-9115
Fax (206)328-8350


Sammy  C.  Ng
2809 Beacon Ave. So. Suite #16 & 17
Seattle, WA 98144

(206) 328-9115
Fax (206)328-8350

Cwok Enterprise Inc. (www.cwok.com )



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