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Fortune house Chinese Restaurant
Palace of China Chinese and American Cuisine
Bobo Restaurant
Bambu Garden Chinese Cuinese Restaurant
Sian Palace Restaurant
Ho-win Restaurant
Chinagate Restaurant
Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant
Hong's Garden Restaurant
New Kowloon Seafood Restaurant
Fortune Restaurant

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Chinatown/International District Street Fair and Summer Festival. Join the festivities down here in the District and visit...

Seattle...>>>more(西雅图 ..更多)        
Seattle Chinatown-International District Summer Festival,July 14th and 15th, 2007>>>click here
Hangzhou Hosts Tea Festival
A major Chinese Tea Festival opened Saturday,July 12 in Hangzhou, a scenic lakeside city, which is noted for its "West Lake Longjing" tea. East China's Zhejiang Province


The Cuisine of China :- to know more click here

Chinatown Attractions

Food Network: Chinese New Year - new twists and traditional tastes of the Chinese NewYear.
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Tips for Eating Healthy

Find out more about the nutritional content of Chinese restaurant food. Includes advice on keeping the calories and fat content down when dining at a Chinese restaurant.

Dining in China - Beijing
Planning a trip to China's capital? Carole S. Kotkin fills you in on which restaurants shouldn't be missed, in this article in Travellady Magazine

Recipes Archive - rec.food.recipes

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Quick Chinese Food
 - lists articles, books, magazines, videos, and web sites about Chinese food available in Hawaii State Library.
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Yeung's Chinese Foods  - specialist in Chinese curry, soup, and sauce mixes.
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About.com - Chinese Cuisine
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Allrecipes.com: Chinese New Year  - contains a collection of Chinese cuisine for New Year celebration.
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Chinese Home-Style Cooking
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Chinese Recipes  - selection of appetisers, main courses, vegetarian, dessert, and side dishes.
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1000 Leaves Chinese Tea  - sells oolong, jasmine, ti kuan yin, green tea, and more.
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CuisineNet: A Chinese Banquet  - dishes, cooking methods, everyday eating in China, chopsticks.
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Chinese Restaurant Almond Cookies  - from AllRecipe.com.
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Chinese Recipe  - contains collection of recipes including braised spareribs, fried mutton, dumplings, and more.
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About: Chinese Culture  - guide to arts, literature, history, games, food, and traditions. Includes chat, forum, news, weekly articles, and more.
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Chopstix  - devoted to Oriental cookery and cuisine, featuring recipes and interviews with top chefs.
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Tour2korea: Food and Shopping  - list of Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western-style restaurants recommended by Korea National Tourism Organization.
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e shop Chinese  - provides information on Chinese artifacts and products available to buy as well as Chinese restaurants in the UK.
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Imperial Tea Court  - selection of connoisseur teas and products, featuring Chinese teas and accessories.
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QuickSpice  - offers online ordering of Indian, Thai, Chinese spices, noodles, teas, snacks, and more.
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Yifan Mall  - Asian grocery store offering staples, sauces, snacks, Chinese tea and herbs, and more.
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